MURNAU camp Films

It is now possible to replace every photo in its own film and to have a better understanding of the sequence in which photos have been taken. This is not an isolated photo but a photo that can be considered in a time flow.

The number of every photo printed on the film by the manufacturer is mentioned on the left column of our array : "on the film". On the right column, the number is a link with the photo on the website : "website". Roll films have been cut, originally or by myself to digitalize them in the scanner. Those cuts are represented in the arrays. Some parts of the films are missing. This is why some "holes" can be seen in the sequence of the 1st column. Some photos are completely white or black, and cannot be read : this is indicated by a W. The number given to films is arbitrary. Numbers are handwritten on some of them. For instance : 8/33 or 4/34. When a film is concerned, those numbers are given. We don't understand what the meaning of these numbers is.

Chronology is difficult to establish. But 3 different periods can be distinguished :

- Before the liberation of the camp
- The liberation by american troops, on April 1945, 29th.
- After the liberation

To find the situation of every photo in its own film 
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